Non-sugar sweeteners do not help with weight loss

The World Health Organization (WHO) has prepared a guideline on non-sugar sweeteners, which does not recommend the use of non-sugar sweeteners for weight control and reducing the risk of non-communicable diseases. The recommendation is derived from a comprehensive analysis of existing scientific data, indicating that the utilization of sweeteners does not offer a long-term advantage in diminishing body fat among either adults or children.

Guidance for a healthier life

The guideline applies to the entire population, excluding individuals who already have diabetes. Non-sugar sweeteners lack nutritional value and are not necessary components of a healthy diet. It is advisable for individuals to decrease overall dietary sweetness from an early age in order to enhance their overall well-being. According to the WHO, this guideline is not designed to substitute toxicological assessments. Instead, its purpose is to assist the general population in adopting healthier eating habits by reducing the typical threshold for sweetness.