Decentralized Clinical Trials Solution

Key Features

Faster recruitment

  • Subjects can be recruited from a much broader pool (e.g. the whole of Germany) because there are no more local limitations
  • Subjects can participate using their own smart devices, from their own homes, reducing the need for unnecessary clinic visits and easing the burden of participation.

Better compliance & less drop-outs

  • Mobile notifications, alerts, and reminders drive patient engagement, leading to increased protocol, dosing, and patient-reported outcome compliance.
  • Monetary rewards for compliance.
  • Less schedule conflicts due to flexible time-saving tele-visits reduce drop-outs.

More transparency

  • Live view on subject activity and progress to quickly identify and re-engage subjects who have missed appointments or treatments.
  • Site and enrollment dashboards provide real-time status updates on enrollment data, subject engagement, subjects events, and medication adherence.
  • Easily export summary and aggregate data to ensure that trial-related activities are conducted, recorded, analyzed, and reported accurately.
  • Alerts allow study teams to identify potential risks and intervene as needed.

Less artificial endpoints and more data

  • Collect more continuous data in natural settings.

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