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If you like, please meet us at the following events:

13th internation workshop: Nutrition and Health Claims Europe
29 May, Brussels, Belgium

Health Claims

4. Gemeinsamer Kongress der ÖGPhyt, SMGP und GPT
31 May – 2 June, Vienna, Austria

Gesellschaft für Phytotherapie

20 June, Berlin, Germany


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2205, 2018

Triple combination herbal extract gains novel food status

An extract of three herbal roots, Cynanchum wilfordii, Hemsley, Phlomis umbrosa Turcz. and Angelica gigas Nakai (EstroG -100™) just received a novel food authorization under Regulation (EU) [...]

1505, 2018

Borderline cases of substance based medical devices

Borderline cases in medical devices are considered to be those where it is not clear from the outset whether a given product is or is [...]

205, 2018

Let’s have inspiring talks!

Let's meet at Vitafoods Europe 2018 – Booth E75! Do you have questions regarding regulations, scientific marketing, strategic innovation, licensing and [...]

3004, 2018

Substance based MD, herbal combination as Novel Food, Union List update and proof of traditional use after Brexit

a&r’s News Digest – We dedicate this month’s issue to borderline cases for substance-based medical devices, novel food authorization for triple [...]

2004, 2018

Quick Guide to Mutual Recognition

However, nine years after its enforcement in 2009, an evaluation by the EU Commission brought to light that, in practice, this regulation does not work [...]