Decentralized Clinical Trials Solution

How it works


  • Potential subjects are targeted via Newsletter based on a&r’s subject database and
  • Digital advertisements via Facebook, Instagram, Google ads etc.


  • Subjects are pointed to a landing page with detailed information about the study and a
  • Pre-screener questionnaire. If eligible, subjects can book a call with
  • a&r’s call center. The dedicated team arranges a
  • Doctor televisit where the ICF process is done, in- and exclusion criteria are checked, and subject is randomized and trained.


  • After enrolment, study supplies such as Investigational Product, Stool kits, Health trackers etc. are sent to subjects’ homes and re-collected after study end.

Data Collection

  • Browser-based solution for collecting data from subjects who work on their mobile phones, tablets or PCs anytime, anywhere.
  • Automatic notifications and reminders via SMS or email to make sure that the relevant data are collected within the designated time frame and scheduled tele-visits are not missed.
  • Investigators enter data in eCRF with edit checks and (S)AE reporting
  • All captured data is entered in real-time in the database, allowing for central management and analysis by using dashboards with pre-filtered smart views and fill-in status


  • a&r uses a safe and secure platform for subjects to connect with the doctor remotely, via video and audio connection on the subject’s smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • During televisits, e.g. AEs, SAEs, concomitant medication and study endpoint related information is collected.
  • Apart from pre-scheduled visits, subjects can interact anytime with the study team if needed.

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