The demarcation between herbal medicinal products and supplements containing botanicals will be the subject of the “European Herbal Health Products Summit: Which Way Forward?” taking place in Brussels on February 20. Stakeholders from the nutritional and pharmaceutical industries will discuss possible solutions together with food and drug authorities and policymakers. a&r as a leading consultancy and service provider in the field will be represented by our expert Dr. Heike Stier, Head of Consulting & Strategic Innovation.

In the recent resolution*, published by EU Parliament the European Council and the Commission is urged to take action and address the longstanding challenges in current guidelines and policies, namely:

  • finalizing the establishment of long-overdue nutrient profiles;
  • harmonization within the member states regarding the classification of herbal substances (botanicals) as foodstuffs or herbal medicinal products;
  • promptly evaluating on-hold claims and rejecting those already assessed negatively, and
  • immediate creation of an EU-wide negative list of botanicals not to be used in food, to 
  • close gaps in interpretation between the Member States and to eliminate differences in enforcement;
  • challenge the use of claims for nutrients not deficient in the EU;
  • pursue guidance to better enforce the Claims Regulation in Internet and social media platforms;
  • initiating pre-submission consultations between applicants and EFSA.

* European Parliament resolution of 18 January 2024 on the implementation of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims made on foods (2023/2081(INI))