Decentralized Clinical Trials Solution

Digital Trials

Digitalized clinical trials, also known as hybrid trials, decentralized trials, or remote trials are a relatively new method of conducting clinical trials where parts of or the entire trial takes place outside of a traditional clinic or trial site.

a&r’s flexible Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) approach provides fully virtual and hybrid options. With the aid of telemedicine, eDiaries, and connected devices like wearables, many of the study-related procedures and assessments that have traditionally taken place at a study site can be coordinated directly in the living room of any eligible person who wants to take part in a trial.

Subject recruitment is the longest, most challenging part of the clinical trial process, and most of the time, it is the main reason for high costs and long timelines. The DCT approach makes it much more convenient for subjects to participate in a clinical trial, and even more importantly, subjects can be recruited from a much broader pool (e.g. the whole of Germany) because there are no more local limitations. This leads to a much faster recruitment and, due to that, to significantly cheaper and faster clinical trials.

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