Since the beginning of the year, EFSA published one opinion for the scientific substantiation of article 13.5 health claims.

EFSA’s negative opinion was on a claim application related to beta-glucans from oats and/or barley in a ready-to-eat cereal manufactured via pressure cooking and reduction of blood-glucose rise after consumption. The evidence provided for the claim application was seen by EFSA as insufficient and the panel could not be convinced that a dose of 1.3 g per 25 g of extruded grain-based oats is present and/or barley can exert the claimed effect despite some convincing data. EFSA stated that “no evidence has been provided that beta-glucans incorporated into cereals processed using pressure cooking would exert a higher effect on post-prandial glucose responses than beta-glucans added to other carbohydrate containing foods.” Also, only one relevant study with significant effects was not considered enough. Despite this, in 2011, EFSA accepted a similar claim related to a higher dose of 4 g beta-glucan per 30 g available carbohydrates on post-prandial glucose response.

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