In 2021, the European Commission published 16 implementing regulations concerning successful novel food applications. All novel food authorizations are listed in the union list.

Five of these implementing acts concerned changes or extensions of existing novel foods. Thus, a total of 11 new novel foods have been approved, of which one approval concerns a traditional food from a third country – fresh plants of Wolffia arrhiza and/or Wolffia globos.

The recent trend definitely goes towards edible forms of insects. Food insects are very promising novel foods because of their high protein content and sustainability. In addition to the insects already approved in 2021, dried Tenebrio molitor larva was approved, and Locusta migratoria, the house cricket will follow soon, because the frozen, dried and powder forms of Acheta domesticus (house cricket) have already received a positive EFSA opinion in August.

Currently, there are 9 more pending applications for insects undergoing a safety evaluation by EFSA. If you would like to speak to our novel food experts, get in touch. Our team can support you in the development of innovative solutions.