After developing a new product, finding a name might be the most challenging part. A catchy product and brand name is essential for the label while the legal aspects should not be neglected, as the labeling rules in the EU are quite strict. The Food Information Regulation sets out the following clear requirements for the designation of prepacked foods which must be complied with. 

In principle, the name of the food must clarify the precise nature of a product in a generally understandable way. First and foremost, a product must be designated by its legally prescribed name. The legal names are defined by several product-specific laws and regulations. Typical examples of foods that are prescribed in special regulations are cacao, olive oil, jam, and water. If no legal name exists, the food should be labelled with a customary name. There are established perceptions for the customary name, which for example are prescribed in the Codex Alimientarius or the German Food Code. If there is no customary name, a descriptive name of the food has to be provided. A descriptive name shall sufficiently describe the nature of the food by using various adjectives that enable it to be distinguished from other products.

In addition to the designation of the food a brand name or fancy product name may be added, but it must never the factual name of the food. If you have questions regarding the naming of your new food, please do not hesitate to contact a&r to proof the regulatory compliance of your product.