Earlier this month, we participated in Vitafoods Virtual Expo, one of the main and most awaited virtual events connecting the nutraceutical, supplement, and functional food industries. During the show, we had the opportunity to showcase some of our top services:

Visitors had the opportunity to learn more about our service portfolio and to contact our experts in a variety of regulatory and clinical topics. We were delighted to connect with you and to learn more about your interest in research services – be it in regulatory affairs or clinical research.

Apart from connecting with clients, we also had the opportunity to learn more and participate with the different micro-communities available at the show from probiotics to botanicals. Our Director of Business Development and Strategic Innovation, Dr. Inês Rocha, hosted one of the show’s innovations tours about immune health. If you did not have the chance to listen to the podcast, we give you a sneak peek of what was discussed below.

What are the three biggest considerations for brands in the nutraceutical space looking to focus on the immune health segment?

With the COVID-19 pandemic dominating the news, consumers’ focus on health and well-being is even stronger. According to the Nutrition Business Journal, immunity-specific supplement sales are expected to increase by over 50% this year, surpassing $5 billion in sales. Also, consumers’ perspective is changing not only towards convenience but also towards protection and support. So, the increasing demand for products offering immune health benefits is one of the biggest considerations for brands to focus on in this segment.

Other considerations are nutrition and holistic approaches to support the immune system as well as the increasing evidence around the microbiome and its role in immune health. Thus, consumers are seeing the value of prevention and the importance of having an optimal micronutrient intake in current times. As well as the link between digestive and immune health via microbiome, probiotics have been seen to have a positive effect on digestive health, but their benefits for supporting a healthy immune system are becoming more widely recognized.

What are some of the more unique ingredients and formulations addressing immune health that you’ve seen? 

Due to the current spread of COVID-19, consumers are searching for ways to support their immune health. So even well-known ingredients such as vitamin C and D, zinc, probiotics and botanicals (e.g. Echinacea) are gaining traction.

Is immune health relevant to you? Are you looking for regulatory, product development or claims strategy support? Or do want to know more about interesting innovative ingredients, new products, or trendy delivery formats, then get in touch. We would be happy to support you.