On 17th November 2020, our head of Consulting and Strategic Innovation, Dr. Heike Stier, will host a webinar on “Claims for pre- and probiotics: how to play it right?” as part of the 2nd Gut and Health Summit – market perspectives for probiotics and prebiotics

The Summit will review the latest information around probiotic and prebiotic ingredients providing the latest science and regulatory background. The main objective is to create an improved market perspective for probiotics as well as prebiotics, both major drivers for improved gut health of the population at large. The Summit will have three main discussion sessions reviewing Science, Claims & Regulatory, and Access to Market. Consumer Claims on food or dietary supplements are a key element in the communication to consumers on product-specific benefits that influence consumers’ expectations and purchasing decisions. Our webinar will cover a short market overview and provide an overview of the current health claim situation in Europe for pre- and probiotics, along with the essential requirements for EFSA claim substantiation. A special focus will be given to alternative claim opportunities beyond EFSA. Thus, different claims strategies will be presented and discussed. Moreover, apart from the claims available to food, pre- and probiotics can be successfully used in other legal product categories. Need support on how to select the best claim strategy for your pre- and/or probiotic product? We would be happy to hear from you. Get in touch