The European Commission adopted and published the revised Recommendation on the definition of nanomaterials (2022/C 229/01). The new definition replaces the original definition from 2011. The new version has been refined but does not contain fundamental changes. With regard to the question of soluble particles, threshold value and length dimensions and geometries, the new version is more comprehensible. In addition, terms such as particle, aggregate, and agglomerate are defined. The changes are based on a comprehensive review and should allow for simpler and more efficient implementation, but will not significantly impact the scope of identified nanomaterials. The definition of nanomaterials aims to support a coherent EU regulatory framework for nanomaterials and helps to align legislation in different sectors, because at this stage there are still individual definitions of nanomaterials in EU legislation for the food and cosmetics sectors, e.g. in the Novel Food Regulation. In the future, the new definition should be used in EU and national legislation, policy, and research programs.