a&r’s News Digest – We dedicate this month’s issue to Vitafoods Europe and the open consultations on nutrition and health claims.


Vitafoods Europe

This year analyze & realize GmbH was the Official Innovation Partner at Vitafoods Innovation center. For the first time Informa (the organizers of Vitfafoods) and analyze & realize partnered to feature the newly established Innovation Centre. This was an excellent opportunity to engage in more in-depth conversations with clients about opportunities in innovation. We hope you could find some time to stop by and meet the team.

Walking around the trade show, probiotics again had a strong presence, as they are gaining more and more awareness worldwide and are becoming a high demand ingredient. We managed to find them in many delivery forms including chocolate, jelly sticks, and gummies. As usual, omega-3s were well represented with its own Resource Centre covering all aspects concerning omega-3s. An “old comer” was hemp, getting stronger and stronger with several food products including healthy snacks ideal for athletes (e.g. Organic Pure Fruit Protein Bar). Berries also caught our attention, with several booths presenting proprietary extracts with clinically proved health benefits. Astaxanthin was also showcased at several booths in response to a growing demand for natural ingredients, also with proprietary extracts.

Several medical devices (MD) were spotted in different booths; In the long run, producers with substance based MD might have to update their class status if they want to keep their products in the market. If you need any regulatory support, get in touch! We will be glad to support you.

What about delivery systems? There was a bit of the same, capsules, tablets, but also interesting alternatives such as soft gels made of tapioca and vegetarian soft gums (INNutri Soft Gums™), which contain an elastic flavored outer shell and a liquid core made of starch. Alternatively, OceanCaps® capsules (Capsugel) offers a marine-based capsule, ideal for marine supplements such as fish oil. Chocolate is becoming extremely successful as a carrier for nutraceuticals, e.g. dark chocolate with resveratrol (Evolva), overnight recovery shake (FrieslandCampina DMV), or chocolate-flavored gummies with omega 3 and calcium (Anlit). This is in line with current consumer trends striving for the combination of different benefits such as pleasure and health.

Another interesting area not to be missed during this trade show was the Vitafoods Tasting Centre, where several products were available for you to explore your senses. We had the opportunity to try some of the products and it was definitely worth a “pit stop”; for instance the chia drink with chia seeds, beetroot juice, ginger and apple extract (Laboratoria Natury Sp. z o.o).

As already noticeable last year, sports nutrition is on the rise, gaining increased attention from consumers. It had its own designated space at the Expo Hall – The Sports Nutrition Zone. There you could find the latest finished products and sports nutrition ingredients. Another must was the Vitafoods Launchpad, where companies had the opportunity to showcase their latest ingredients and innovations.

a&r presentations at Vitafoods

As the innovation sponsor of the event, analyze & realize was engaged in interesting discussions and presentations within the Education Programme on several stages:

  1. “Challenges of infant nutrition studies” by Elisa Postrach
  2. “Are there attractive claims on probiotics beyond EFSA?” by Dr. Heike Stier *
  3. “Innovation and best practice in alternative delivery options” by Dr. Volker Spitzer *
  4. “Consumer centric innovation” by Dr. Volker Spitzer *
  5. “Traditional herbal products – is innovation possible?“ by Dr. Iris Hardewig
  6. “How to prepare for novel food applications under the new regulation (EU) 2015/2283” by Dr. Steffi Dudek

a&r comments: Some presentations are available on request. However, due to legal reason we cannot share (marked with *) all presentations. Get in touch!

We are proud to announce that we are the “Service Provider of the Year”!

Being the service provider of the year means that we were recognized on our obsession for natural health products. On how we use our profound expertise and creativity and translate it into tailor-made innovation solutions to maximize the value for our clients’ products and serving consumer needs.

For more than 20 years we are making use of our unique combination of regulatory and scientific consulting with clinical research expertise to cover the full spectrum of all that matters in the field of natural health products. Thanks again to the NutraIngredients team and all of you for your great support. Equally to all our customers & clients. We look forward to serving the natural health products industry for many more years to come!

a&r comments: The winners were announced during a great dinner at the Starling Hotel (Geneva) on Wednesday 10th May. For the full list of finalists and winners, please have a look at: http://www.nutraingredients-awards.com/award-categories/2017-finalists/

Concerning the fact that health claims on plants and their preparations used in foods are not yet completely regulated, the Commission is carrying out a Regulatory Fitness and Performance programme (REFIT) for the evaluation of the EU legislation on this matter. REFIT is a rolling programme to keep the EU legislation under review, ensuring it is ‘fit for purpose’, with the goal to minimize the regulatory burdens and identifying and applying simplified options. At the moment, two open consultations, in the context of the external study, are available:

  • Open public consultation via the website ‘Your Voice in Europe’ (ongoing consultation to run up to 1 June 2017) which is a EU questionnaire with closed questions targeting all citizens with an interest in the information provided on food labels
  • SME survey (ongoing consultation to run up to 23 June 2017) targeting individual small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and how they comply with the legislation and also whether they incurred disproportionate costs in comparison with their limited staff and turnover.

a&r comments: Please contribute, your opinion matters! In-depth interviews will be carried out both at Member States level and at EU level at a later stage.

Business Development Manager (m/f, full-time)

The Business Development Manager (BDM) is an integral member of our team in Berlin and provides important support in realizing our company’s business strategy and reaching our company’s goals. Acting as the primary point of contact for new clients, the BDM provides sustainable customer relationship management while liaising with the scientific and operational teams internally. Whilst a&r’s service portfolio is broad, the BDM is eager on knowledge and keen on carving out clients’ needs and requirements.

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At analyze & realize, we are experts in the field of natural health products, having provided our services for more than 20 years. We offer a unique combination of expertise in natural health products through our scientific, regulatory, and strategic innovation consulting and our clinical research organization with its own clinical trial center in Berlin, Germany. Thanks to our close interaction with the natural product market as well as our extensive network, we are always at the forefront of the latest information and innovation trends. With its international team of 35 employees, a&r is a leading European one-stop-shop ready to guide and support your needs in natural health product innovation.

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