Do you have questions related to regulation, scientific marketing, strategic innovation, licensing matchmaking or clinical research? 

As the Official Innovation Partner of the Vitafoods Europe 2017 we are delighted to offer you 20-minutes free consultation slots with our experts, sharing our experience and passion to maximize the value of your products and serving your consumer´s needs. Our team is passionate about the power of natural health products and wants to bring our expertise, enthusiasm and creativity to help you to deliver tailor-made innovation solutions that differentiate in the market.


Regulatory Creativity

We will give you advice related to questions about the Novel Food regulation, EFSA health claim registrations, dossier development for herbal drugs, claim strategies, labelling, borderline product advice for medical devices and market access to Europe.

Scientific Marketing

We explain how we can support you in the generation of scientific publications and development of scientific marketing strategies and materials.

Strategic Innovation

You will learn what we can do for you in terms of ideation and concept development for new products, scouting for new ingredients, trend spotting, and development of innovation strategies that work.

Licensing Matchmaking

If you are a licensee or licensor we can demonstrate our approach to how we identify licensing opportunities, find customers that are interested in your licences, and how we can support you during the contract phases, development of marketing material for licensees, due diligence support and other related activities.

Clinical Research Services

We can provide you with insights related to all elements that you need for the successful clinical trial of your natural health products, including study planning, study management and study result processing. With more than 300 completed studies to date, we are experts in weight management, immune health, gut health, heart health, mental health and metabolic health and are always expanding our capabilities into new areas of research.