a&r is proud to announce the recent launch of a line of five innovative functional beverages for the US market, Total Happiness Naturals. a&r was selected to be the lead developer by the Vietnamese Food Company TH and its financial partner Bac A Bank.

Following intense research and the development of a comprehensive business plan, the ultimate task was to realize the development of an innovative beverage line based on Asian fruits and herbs from concept to market within 18 month. This challenging goal was realized through streamlined project management and a&r’s strong partnerships established with the best international collaborators.

a&r´s strong international network created a bridge between Asian entrepreneurship, local knowledge of the treasure of Asian fruits and herbs and Western technologies resulting in a high quality, innovative product line for the US market.

Careful selection of plants and fruits, sourcing of raw materials including the start of an own cultivation, qualification of plant material, analytics, and formulation resulted in the first product prototypes.

Market entry and branding strategies were developed, based on intense market research and consumer testing. Product protection was achieved by branding, IP protection of single ingredients, and the development of a proprietary bottle design. Regulatory compliance with the target market was assured by regulatory ingredient and label checks and affirmation of GRAS status for a number of ingredients.

The supply chain was secured by setting up logistics and production in Asia, Europe and US. Finally, a legal entity and distribution network was established in the US.

The first commercial batch was successfully presented at the Natural Products Expo West in March 2015.

More information about Total Happiness Naturals can be found here and in the official brochure, which can be downloaded here.