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Invitation to our a&r Webinar series

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Building Scientific Evidence to Support Nutrition & Health Claims
by our expert Dr. Heike Stier

Date: 27st of September 2018 (Thursday)
Time: 15:00 – 15:45 (30 min talk and 15 min Q&A)

In our next webinar we provide an overview of the current situation of the Nutrition and Health Claims according to the EU claim regulation (EC 1924/2006). We will present and examine the updated EFSA scientific and technical guidance for the preparation and presentation of a health claim application, which was published in 2017. We will finally focus on what can be learned from indication specific EFSA guidance documents and from previous EFSA claim evaluations, so that the necessary scientific evidence can be collected for a successful health claim application.

Dr. Heike Stier is a senior consultant in the consulting & strategic innovation team at analyze & realize. She has been supporting clients in the development of natural health products for more than 10 years.



“Nutri-Score” labelling now in force in Belgium

Following last year’s French Decree backing the voluntary adoption of “Nutri-Score”, now it is time for Belgium to follow the same footsteps.

A nutrition declaration is already mandatory in the EU in prepacked foods or products containing nutritional and/or health claims. This nutrition labelling comprises detailed information on the energy value, the amounts of fat, saturates, carbohydrate, sugars, protein and salt of a food and is presented as a table. However, this table is often difficult to read for the consumer. In contrast, the “Nutri-Score” labelling system, which is not mandatory, makes the nutrition information more readable and understandable for consumers.

Source: https://fr.openfoodfacts.org/

What is “Nutri-Sore” labelling?
It is a five color Front-to-Pack nutrition labelling to help consumers make healthier food choices at the time of purchase. Through a letter and a color scheme, it informs consumers about the nutritional quality of a product. Each product is therefore positioned on a scale with five levels, ranging from A – the most nutritionally favorable product – to E – the least nutritionally favorable product. The category to which the food belongs is highlighted on the logo by a larger letter.

How is this score calculated?
To classify each product, a nutritional profile system was developed which takes into account nutrient content per 100g for food and beverages. The system ranks food in a scale from -15, for the most healthy foods, to +40, for the less healthy foods. The positive points are given based on the content of energy, sugars, saturated fatty acids and salt while the negative points are given based on content of fruit, vegetables and nuts, fiber and protein. After calculation, the score obtained allows to assign a letter and a color to a product.

Benefits of this system?
This nutritional score system allows consumers to situate the nutritional quality of foods in three dimensions meaning, it allows consumers to compare the nutritional values of products across different categories (e.g. biscuits vs dairy products), within the same category and within the same food offered by different brands. Additionally, it works as an incentive for manufactures to reformulate their products towards healthier formulations. Also, it has the potential to support professionals when giving nutritional advice.

At the end the main goal of this labelling system is to support and promote healthier eating habit. If you would like to know more about the effectiveness of “Nutri-Score” labelling please click here.

Short Regulatory News

Three new Novel Foods authorized in EU

The European Commission website on Novel Food is the place to go if want to know all about Novel Foods. It is a well-designed, easy to consult platform with the most updated information to the Union list of novel foods.

During this month, three new Novel Foods, under Regulation (EU) 2015/2283, have been granted authorizing to be placed on the EU market. They are:

  • 1-methylnicotinamide chloride (1-MNA). 1-MNA is a synthetic derivative of vitamin B3. The Polish company, Pharmena was granted a five-year protection to place this ingredient on the EU market, until 2 September 2023. The ingredient is to be used in food supplements to a maximum level of 58 mg/day (special conditions apply).
  • pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt (PQQ). PQQ is an enzyme co-factor with a strong antioxidant activity produced by fermentation using Hyphomicrobium denitrificans CK-275. The Japanese company, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company Inc was granted a five-year protection to place this ingredient on the EU market, until 2 September 2023. The ingredient is to be used in food supplements to a maximum level of 20 mg/day (special conditions apply).
  • Whole dried aerial parts of Hoodia parviflora. Hoodia parviflora is a succulent cactus-like milkweed plant native to southern Africa which contains a high amount of dietary fiber. The Israeli company, Desert Labs Ltd was granted a five-year protection to place this ingredient on the EU market, until 3 September 2023. The ingredient is to be used in food supplements to a maximum level of 9,4 mg/day.

NutraBusiness Intel

Perrigo enters into licensing partnership with Hikma

9 July 2018

Perrigo has granted exclusivity to license and distribute more than 30 consumer healthcare products to Hikma, including Davitamon, Prevalin, XLS Medical, Dermalex and Paranix, in the MENA region, with the exception of current agreements in place. Hikma aims to work with Perrigo’s existing partners, in the MENA region, to broaden sales and marketing coverage.

Sensient Technologies acquires Mazza Innovation Limited

12 July 2018

Sensient Technologies Corporation, a global manufacturer and marketer of colors, flavors and fragrances acquired the Canadian based company Mazza Innovation for an undisclosed amount.
Mazza Innovation Limited is a leader in environmentally friendly botanical extraction technology.

Nuherbs and Superior Trading Company reach business agreement

25 July 2018

Nuherbs holds the exclusive license and distribution rights to Superior Trading Company’s classic traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and American ginseng products.
For nearly 60 years, because of the close relationships between Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China, Superior Trading Company has been a trusted resource for classic TCM products in the US. Nuherbs, a third-generation family business, is a leading importer of Chinese herbs and herbal supplements.

Reckitt Benckiser (RB) health category increases 8% sales from e-commerce

10 August 2018

RB investment in its e-commerce business, as a response to consumers changing shopping habits are paying off. The rise of its health sales is led by VMS, child nutrition and sexual wellbeing brands.

Novelties in our MatchMaking Platform

The use of natural health products to enhance performance has become a hot topic in sport medicine. An innovative, natural OTC adaptogen just made it to our MatchMaking platform. This botanical combination has been tested in > 200 elite athletes and proved to optimise their physical and mental performance. In addition, this food supplement provided faster recovery effect noticeable after few hours.

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weight loss image

This natural weight loss medical device without unpleasant side effects contains clinically validated active ingredients that help to reduce calorie intake of dietary fat and carbs. Additionally, it reduces appetite. If you’re interested in expanding your portfolio with a body weight management product that can improve the quality of life of modern consumers, don’t hesitate and reach out to us!

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