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The database will be updated constantly, allowing you to always be aware of the latest innovations in the consumer healthcare natural-based products industry. Due to confidentiality reasons, only very high level of information is displayed.

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IndicationRegulatory StatusDosage FormRegionBusiness TypeInnovationID
Various Food SupplementChocolate BarWorldwideLicensing out, distributionDelivery System79
Weight ManagementMedical DeviceTabletsEULicensing outFinished Product37
SportsFood SupplementLiquid, CapsulesWorldwideLicensing outFinished Product81
Joint health, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulationFood SupplementCapsulesWorldwideLicensing outFinished Product80
Prevention and Treatment of Common ColdOTC (WEU)Capsules, TabletsWorldwideLicensing out, DistributionFinished Product54
Oral Sun Blocker Food SupplementCapsules, Tablets, OtherEULicensing out, DistributionIngredient & Digital Solution66
Reflux ControlMedical DeviceChewable Tablets, Liquid, SachetsWorldwideLicensing out, DistributionFinished Product1
Throat InfectionHomeopathic RemedyOral DropsEUDivestmentFinished Product5
Digestive discomfort with flatulenceHomeopathic RemedyOral DropsEUDivestmentFinished Product6
Vascular disorders with dizziness and headachesHomeopathic remedyOral DropsEUDivestmentFinished Product9
Bowel Regularity ControlMedical DevicePowder SachetsWorldwideLicensing out, DistributionFinished Product14
Bloating ControlMedical DeviceChewable TabletsWorldwideLicensing out, DistributionFinished Product15
Diarrhea ControlMedical DeviceEffervescent TabletsWorldwideLicensing out, DistributionFinished Product16
Constipation ControlMedical DevicePowder SachetsWorldwideLicensing out, DistributionFinished Product17
Allergy Treatment and PreventionMedical DeviceNasal SprayWorldwideLicensing out, DistributionFinished Product20
Sore ThroatMedical DeviceThroat SprayEU ex SE, FILicensing out, DistributionFinished Product22
Common ColdMedical DeviceNasal Spray EU ex UK, DE, FR, IT and SPLicensing out, DistributionFinished Product23
Dry Nose Treatment Medical DeviceNasal SprayEU excluding DK, SE, FILicensing out, DistributionFinished Product24
Weight Management Medical Device Tablets, Ready-to-consume Powder Stick Sachets, Tea powderAsia-Pacific, Middle East, North AfricaLicensing out, DistributionFinished Product29
Weight Management Medical Device Tablets, Ready-to-consume Powder Stick Sachets, Tea PowderAsia-Pacific, Middle East, North AfricaLicensing out, DistributionFinished Product30
Weight Management Medical Device CapsulesAsia-Pacific, Middle East, North AfricaLincensing out, distributionFinished Product31
Varicose Veins and HemorrhoidsHomeopathic RemedyOral DropsEUDivestmentFinished Product35
Acute and Chronic WoundsMedical DeviceTopical SprayWorldwide ex PLLicensing out, Distribution, OtherFinished Product38
Treatment of Small Wounds and BurnsMedical DeviceTopical SprayWorldwideLicensing out, Distribution, OtherFinished Product39
PsoriasisFood SupplementHPMC capsulesEU ex PL, UK, SP, DEEU ex PL, UK, SP, DEFinished Product, Ingredient47
Mood Improvement, Emotional BalanceFood SupplementCapsules, Tablets, OtherWWLicensing out, Distribution, OtherIngredient48
Sleep DisturbancesFood SupplementSachet, TabletsEULicensing out, DistributionFinished Product49
Sore ThroatMedical DeviceThroat SprayWorldwideLicensing out, Distribution, OtherFinished Product50
Healthy Blood FlowFood SupplementSoft GumsEULicensing out, Distribution, OtherFinished Product, Delivery System51
AdaptogenTHMPLiquid, CapsulesEULicensing out, Distribution, OtherFinished Product55
Immune HealthFood SupplementEnteric Coated TabletWorldwideLicensing out, Distribution, OtherFinished Product60
Common Cold TreatmentTHMPLiquid, TabletsEULicensing out, Distribution, OtherFinished Product61
Joint Pain, OsteoarthritisMedical DeviceTopical GelWorldwide ex UK, DELicensing out, Distribution, OthersFinished Product 63
Caffeine ReplacementFood SupplementCapsules, Tablets, OtherEULicensing out, Distribution, othersIngredient64
Metabolic SyndromeFood SupplementCapsules, Tablets, OtherEULicensing out, Distribution, OtherIngredient & Digital Solution65
Infections of the Upper Respiratory Tract and Ear InfectionsFSMPLozengesDE. Other EU countries excl. PLLicensing out, Distribution, OtherFinished Product67
Joint Pain, OsteoarthritisFSMPLiquid Plus TabletEU, Mena, AsiaLicensing out, distribution, othersFinished Product68
SleepFood SupplementLiquidEU, Mena, AsiaLicensing out, Distribution, othersFinished Product69
Emotional Balance, Energy BoostFood SupplementCapsulesEULicensing out, DistributionFinished Product 71

*Regulatory status may vary in different regions.

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