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Date: 6th of April 2017

Time: 15:00 – 15:45

a&r has started a webinar series on hot regulatory topics that are highly relevant to the Natural Health Industry.

Our next webinar is dedicated to opportunities for health claims on probiotics. Until now, probiotics failed to receive a health claim approval from EFSA. So, what are the possibilities to make attractive claims without a product specific EFSA health claim?

In our webinar we will present the basic background of the European Health Claim Regulation, the current situation of probiotics, together with its particular challenges. We will discuss current chances to obtain an EFSA health claim, as previous claim evaluations and EFSA guidances provide valuable information on EFSA requirements. Finally, we will present alternative claim options beyond the EFSA framework.

The webinar is targeted at product developer, product manager, regulatory experts and everyone with an interest in marketing probiotics.


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