NEWS DIGEST by a&r | June 2019

We dedicate this issue to regulatory news on EFSA new scientific opinion on Chia powders. Also, an overview on current mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the sector is provided.


Regulatory News

EFSA considers Chia seeds powders as safe

The EFSA Panel on Nutrition, Novel foods and Food Allergens (NDA) just published a scientific opinion on chia seeds (Salvia hispanica L.) powders as novel foods (NFs) pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2015/2283. According to the EFSA panel, the partially defatted powders of whole chia seeds are considered safe under the assessed conditions of use.

The safety assessment was conducted for two chia protein powders, ‘Xia 125’ and ‘Xia 435’. Both were obtained from extruded chia seeds. The main differences between the two powders concern the particle sizes and the content of some macronutrients (protein, fact and dietary fiber). Both chia powders are proposed to be marketed as food supplements for the general population (up to 7.5 and 12 g/day, respectively) and as ingredients in a variety of foods. The proposed maximum use levels range from 0.7% to 10% in fortified foods.

At this point you might ask yourself, why do Chia seed protein powder (isolates) need a EFSA safety assessment? As you may be aware, chia seeds are authorized as novel foods for a variety of food uses. So why can’t their protein isolates (or fractions) be used in foods without a safety assessment? Here, it is important to understand a key point from the current novel food regulation.

Isolating fractions from established foods, or modifying their structure by applying new technologies/processes might render the resulting products novel foods, meaning they need a novel food authorization. This is independent on the food source being a novel food itself or being a established food in the EU. In line with this are the several recent decisions on Article 4 consultation requests at the Commission level such as Mung bean protein isolate, rhamnogalacturonan-rich pectin hydrolysate or casein hydrolysate containing elevated levels of the tri-peptides. All these foods are considered novel when used as or in foods. They will need a novel food authorization before they can be placed on the market.

If you are unsure if your product is considered novel please get in touch. Our novel food experts will be happy to help.

NutraBusiness Intel

Givaudan to acquire Vietnamese Flavour Company Golden Frog

20 May 2019

Givaudan announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Golden Frog, a Vietnamese flavor company. Golden Frog manufactures natural flavors, extracts and essential oils for the food and beverage industry. This agreement allows Givaudan to strengthen its naturals capabilities and its presence in the Asia Pacific markets.

Solabia Group acquires Algatech Ltd.

22 May 2019

Last month, French Solabia Group has acquired Israeli based company Algatech Ltd. Algatech is a specialist on the development, cultivation and commercialization of ingredients from microalgae which can be used in food supplement, food and cosmetics. No financial details were disclosed.

Dermapharm takes majority stake in fitvia

6 June 2019

Dermapharm, a manufacturer of branded pharmaceuticals, has signed an agreement to acquire 70% of fitvia GmbH shares. fitvia is a company specialized in healthy nutrition with products such as teas, nutritional supplements, snacks, and mueslis. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. The transaction is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2019.

STADA to acquire branded OTC portfolio from GSK

7 June 2019

The STADA Group is acquiring six OTC brands from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), five of which are skin care/topical applications (Oilatum brand, Eurax topical itch relief cream, Savlon antiseptic cream, Ceridal and Polytar/ Tarmed coal-tar based dandruff shampoo) and one is a pediatric cough remedy (Tixylix). With this acquisition, STADA wishes to strengthen its Consumer Health business in Europe as well as selected markets in APAC and Latin America. The completion of this acquisition is expected to take place in August 2019.

Schwabe Group acquires Italian company Pegaso

7 June 2019

The German pharmaceutical group Schwabe has acquired Pegaso Srl. for an undisclosed amount. Pegaso is an Italian-based company operating in the area of food supplements. This acquisition will strengthen Schwabe’s presence in the medical class in Italy as well as extend its product portfolio.

Royal DSM wins distribution rights to SLS nutraceutical products in the area of brain health

11 June 2019

Royal DSM has concluded a collaboration agreement with SLS Nutraceuticals Pte Ltd., a subsidiary of Senescence Life Sciences Pte Ltd, as of March 2019. Senescence Life Sciences is a biotechnology company specializing in the field of cognitive health. This collaboration will grant DSM Nutritional Products exclusive distribution rights of SLS Nutraceuticals products; Edge™ and Revive™, and the proprietary ingredient complex, NeuroShield™.

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