We dedicate this month’s issue to our 2017 forecast for natural health products, the NutriLeads success story, and where to find us during this year.


What to expect?

The uncertain political and economical situation in both Europe and America means that markets and their currencies will be volatile over the course of this year. Growing expectation and anxiety in response to Brexit and the newly elected president of the USA are bringing uncertainty to the natural health market. Will there be a EU single market, what are the changes, and how will the Commission react to them? The EU Food Law just redently mentioned that, following Prime Minister Teresa May’s 17 January speech, the food industry is bracing itself for the UK leaving the European single market (the so-called ‘hard Brexit’). Decisions are pending, and despite the fact that there will be a transition period, concerns are the order of the day, and continued follow-up of the matter is required.

Personalized nutrition will continue to be the focus of the 2017 nutraceutical market, with several start-up companies already having launched their concepts in 2016. The idea behind personalized nutrition is to provide people with greater ownership of their quality of life.

Another strong trend in this year will be clean label and transparency throughout the food and beverage supply chains. Clean label positioning will become more holistic, allowing consumers’ improved understanding of product properties. Other focuses will be on plant protein and sugar reduction. The impact of sugar taxes will for sure reshape consumers’ choices in the European market during this year, making producers search for alternatives.

A national survey of dietitians (1,700) on “What’s trending in nutrition” predicted that seeds such as chia and hemp, avocado, nuts, fermented foods, and ancient grains will be the top 5 superfoods for 2017. A remarkable rise of curcumin as a trending ingredient is expected due to its stated anti-inflammatory properties. Having proven its strength as a dietary supplement, it is now in focus as a functional product. The increased consumer interest in this culinary ingredient, as reported by Google’s Food Trends, resulted in the emergence of a hipster drink known all around the world as Turmeric Latte.

Success story – NutriLeads B.V. announces positive outcome of proof of concept study

NutriLeads B.V., a Dutch Nutrition & Health startup that develops nutritional ingredients for applications in health-promoting food products, announced positive outcome of a proof-of -oncept study in humans on its lead ingredient Immuno Modulatory Plant Polysaccharide-1 (IMPP-1). IMPP-1, which is obtained from a food crop, supports immune function and increases resistance to common infections. The clinical study on healthy volunteers was conducted by a&r’s clinical R&D department at a&r’s study center in Berlin and was evaluated by a panel of international experts.

NutriLeads and 4 European partners – including a&r – have been awarded a € 2 million prestigious Eurostars grant called NIMF. The consortium will develop NutriLeads’ proprietary IMPP-1 into a new ingredient for medical food products to fight impaired immune functioning as a result of malnutrition.

a&r comments: The proof of concept study conducted by a&r successfully demonstrated that NutriLeads’ innovative plant-based ingredient, IMPP-1, has an excellent safety and tolerability profile, and can stimulate the human immune system in a significant and dose-dependent manner. Further development of the proprietary ingredient for specialized functional and medical food products including confirmatory studies on its positive effect on immune function are going to be conducted with a&r’s support.

Learn more about the success story in our press release.

As 2016 came to an end, check out a more comprehensive wrap-up of last year highlights on ingredients and regulations.

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