We dedicate this month’s issue to Food Matters Live and HI Europe and we share our overview over the ingredients/trends and regulatory highlights of 2016.

Trade Shows

Food Matters Live

Food Matters Live is an annual event focused on new developments in the nutrition area with a small tradeshow for innovative food products. It is the UK’s only cross-sector event bringing together key players from the food and drink marketplace. The event is more research-focused compared to other trade shows. This year’s event took place at the end of November (22-24 November) in London and brought together more than 13,500 experts, 600 exhibitors, and 400 conferences and seminars.

a&r comments: The stars of this year’s exhibition among others were the products based on insect protein. Cricket pasta with mealworm Bolognese was offered, and as a special treat, chocolate-dipped crickets. Insect are said to be one of the major protein sources of the future.

Nutural World (UK) won the Unilever Innovation Competition price for its delicious, all-natural nut and seed based spreads. Some of their products such as hazel nut carob spread are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Unilever brands were looking for innovative ideas and companies to work with their spread brands.

The well-rounded seminar program ranged from health-area-specific sessions to innovative food marketing concepts and future ways of nutrition.

Everyone who is interested in the latest developments in the human nutrition market should not miss next year’s Food Matters Live!

Health ingredients (Hi) Europe

HI is the main nutritional ingredients event providing a complete overview of the nutrition and wellness industries. The event takes place every two years and brings together international leaders in nutritional food and beverage innovation to showcase their latest solutions. The major highlights are ingredients and solutions for food and drink formulation/reformulation, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, organics, packaging and processing, and more, giving a full overview of the industry.

a&r comments: One highlight of the exhibition was the new product zone, where fancy products from all over the world were presented. From our perspective, the most interesting talk was given by Tim Spector, who presented data supporting the fact that a diet reduced in diversity has a dramatic impact on human microbiome diversity. This may have a widespread impact in that it not only influences the metabolism but also the health status as a whole.

Ingredients and Regulatory Highlights from 2016

Top Ingredients/Trends

New protein sources are being discovered. Plant-based proteins, e.g. proteins derived from whey, hemp, pea, and rice, among others, have received attention in 2016. Also, insects as a new source of protein were in the spotlight for the first time.

Personalization of product is an ongoing trend. Also, products targeted to individual consumers based on genetic makeup or gut microbiome composition were rising.

In this context, probiotics and fermented foods received much attention. Several studies examining the effects of probiotics were published in 2016, bolstering support for the bacteria’s benefits in categories such as sports nutrition, oral health, cognitive health, and more. Internationally, probiotics met some challenges in 2016, including elimination of the term “probiotic” from product labels in Europe.

The 2016 CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements found that the five most popular supplements are multivitamins, vitamin D, vitamin C, calcium, and vitamin B complex.

The top health trends in 2016 were heart health, cognition, digestion, healthy aging, and personalized nutrition. Other growing trends were clean label, natural, and convenience.


Movement on the front of the evaluation of the long-pending botanical health claim applications is expected for the next year; this development already sent strong impulses in 2016.

Caffeine health claims were not approved by EU Commission despite EFSA issuing a positive opinion in 2014.

A basic agreement on the new Medical Device Regulation between EU Council EU Commission and the EU Parliament has been reached. There are still some minor issues, but it is expected now that the regulation will come into force in mid 2017. It will include Rule 21, which concerns substance-based medical devices; probiotics are basically excluded from being Medical Devices.

The New Food for Special Groups (FSG) regulation came into force on 20 July 2016; the delegated regulation on FSMP has been finalized: In total this will restrict innovative products (of which there are many in Germany) in this category.

Several key regulatory developments happened in the USA, including FDA new dietary ingredient (NDI) draft guidance, the US federal genetically modified organism (GMO) labelling bill, and the updated US Nutrition Facts label for both foods and supplements.

And finally, the guidance on the preparation and presentation of an application for authorisation of a novel food and on the preparation and presentation of the notification and application for authorisation of traditional foods from third countries in the context of Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 were published in the November issue of the EFSA Journal.

a&r wishes all its future and former clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hope to hear from you soon next year!

Merry Christmas and happy new year!
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